Mobolise - Sheffield's Professional Onsite Chair Massage Service

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A gentle non invasive treatment using energy.

Reiki can relieve pain boost the immune system and relieve acute problems with regular treatments. This is believed because physical manifestations of pain are often linked to emotional and mental states. This treatment can induce feelings of deep relaxation and well being, and can boost your energy levels. A treatment can leave you feeling as if you have had hours of satisfying sleep.

The treatment is usually performed on a couch or chair without having to remove any clothing. A typical session will involve you lying on a couch, wrapped up warmly in blankets with some soothing background music.  That's as much as you need to do - meanwhile the therapist will gently sense energies and move around the body with hands hovering over specific points or she may place her hands on at certain times. The sensations you may feel are unique to each individual, but relaxed, calm and comforted are popular words used to describe the Reiki touch.

Duration: 30, 45 mins or 60 mins


Due to long term heart problems and having to be on anticoagulants for life I am not allowed to have deep massage or electrical impulse treatments so after talking to Teri I decided to try a few reiki sessions, I found they left me feeling very relaxed and much less stressed - a really pleasant experience.  It also helped me sleep better. I will be booking more in the future - thanks Teri.

Lynn - Sheffield