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Japanese Facial Massage

I first came to see Teri for treatment on my facial muscles which had become wrought with tension over a prolonged period due to a combination of medical problems. My condition had left me feeling very tired and fatigued due to chronic tension. My first session was a wonderfully relaxing experience in comfortable surroundings with soothing background music. The massage worked from the neck upwards and by the time it reached the face i was struggling to keep awake. The massage was certainly effective at relaxing tight facial muscles and I felt deeply relaxed and for several days had the most restful deep sleeps! Surprisingly after only 3 treatments I felt my natural energy levels return. My skin tone was looking healthier and more radiant too. Teri’s service and advice was professional and effective and I would happily recommend this treatment to other guys too. I will definitely use Teri’s massage skills in the future and recommend her highly.

Jason - Chesterfield


I found Teri by chance on the internet looking for some help with insomnia. I've suffered with it for about 6 months now and know its related to my job. Too stressful, but what can you do? Teri recommended a course of Reflexology and how brilliant did that feel? I didnt need convincing to take up regular treatments , the session was sooo relaxing, after only one treatment I had my first real nights sleep in ages! Thanks Teri, I cant tell you how great that was. It was a huge relief. I’m coming back for more.

Michelle - Walkley

Indian Head Massage

A colleague recommended mobolise to me as I was feeling really low, my husband had been ill for a while. I felt anxious and depressed without any energy. The massage helped me release tension and unblock emotions. I had to be the strong one in the family and didn’t feel that I should spend any time on me. After 4 treatments I really felt more human again, a bit more relaxed and ready to deal with things. I do agree you need to look after yourself to be able to help others - as Teri keeps telling me!!

Mrs Cunningham - Bannerdale

Maternity Reflexology

I saw Teri for reflexology when I was pregnant with my second baby and close to my due date. She gave me a couple of lovely relaxing reflexology sessions that helped ease the aches and pains of late pregnancy, I felt so much more comfortable after the treatment. Then as my due date came and went without a baby appearing she offered me reflexology specifically designed to help things get moving and encourage my reluctant baby to enter the world. I was feeling really fed up by this stage as I was a week overdue and the treatment really helped me put my worries of being induced aside and it definitely worked - within 12 hours of the second session I went into labour.

Mrs Mckinney - Sheffield

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