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About Mobolise

Hello Sheffield,  Im Teri Spinks, I've been a Holistic Therapist since I was in my late 20's.  After suffering my own back problems for years, bad enough to be laid off work for more than six months, my life then took me on a journey of discovery into natural therapies and treatments.

The very first therapy I trained in was Reflexology and I was introduced to this many years ago in a very unusual way by a psychic counsellor! Following his advice I have never looked back and this opened up a whole new aspect of life for me that I truly resonated with. 

Reflexology helped me see how the body and mind were intrinsically connected and since those very first steps I have added many more therapies and skills over the years.   I studied Holistic Therapies at Chesterfield college in 2000 and I learned further advanced techniques in London, Manchester and Sheffield..such as seated acupressure, maternity and fertility reflexology,  various different facial massage techniques, hands free massage, hot stones etc. I have been trained by some of the very best practitioners in their field. ......  I have worked mobile and in clinics, worked at events and in the corporate environment. 

As my experience and curiosity grew I moved more into the world of energy techniques and therapies such as Reiki and The Emotional Freedom Techniques and more recently, Quantum Touch Healing.  Realising that we all have our own energy system, and combining traditional therapies with this understanding, has enabled me to truly work in a holistic way with individuals. 

My focus is about reducing stress, balancing energy levels and improved health and wellbeing through natural methods. My aim is to help people be healthy, relaxed and happy. My own personal journey to get here has seen me incapacitated with lower back problems and various bouts of depression in my past. The therapies I offer to others have seen me through and out the other side of these painful times. Seeing the benefits that my skills and knowledge has with clients is incredibly rewarding, and enthusiastically I continue with Professional Development each year and will continue to grow, learn and develop my skills.

“We are all on a journey....some beautiful paths can't be discovered without getting lost first.”

With love, light and energy


Corporate Work:

I have previously worked for a wide range of companies in places like London, Leeds, Nottingham, Derby and Harrogate - for events, conferences, product launches and well-being events in the workplace and realised that Sheffield was missing out on a fantastic service.  

'Instead of working for other agencies I decided to bring my skills home and offer a bespoke service for Sheffield with my own agency. After all, we are an enterprising city ourselves'. Mobolise has a team of therapists for hire for larger companies and events.  "All therapists are trained to a very high standard and have lots of experience in their field. I would only want the best people representing Mobolise and want to deliver a high standard of service'.

Over the past few years I have provided a regular well-being service for the Hallam University, this is currently expanding and Mobolise now looks after more than 1000 employees within various departments.